Muktuk Adventures Valentines Twister

The next race in the Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series: Muktuk Adventures Valentines Twister will be held on Sunday February 19th at the old Y.D.M.A Dog Track in Ibex Valley.

Just in case there is anyone that does not know what the old Y.D.M.A dog track is, I’ll explain it now.

In the past, well before DPSAY there was the Yukon Dog Mushers Association (Y.D.M.A) and they held a lease to a piece of land with an extensive network of established trails. This network of trails was dedicated to use by sled dogs and the YDMA maintained these trails and held races there. The YDMA was dissolved a long time ago and the lease on the land has since expired, but the trails are still there and The Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series is going to bring competitive sled dog sports back to these trails.

Muktuk Adventures Race Day will be hosted by Steve Gibbons, who still lives out at the Old Dog Track and continues to train his team there. As always there will be a 10mile event for the Sled and skijor classes, and there will be an approximately 4mile trail for the kids and Recreational classes. Registration will begin at 10am followed by a pre-race drivers meeting and bib draw.

The Purse money for the Sled and Skijor Classes has been generously donated by Muktuk Adventures, and there will also merchandise prizes provided by; Yukon Brewing, Aurora Booties, Coast Mountain Sports, and Icy Waters.

From Whitehorse; Travel North on the Alaska Highway towards Haines Jctn. The Old Dog Track is on the right hand side of the road at KM 1448 Alaska Hwy North, which is about 10km past the North Klondike Hwy and 5km past Husky Trail (the driveway for Muktuk Adventures). The entrance for the Old Dog Track is just across from the 2nd entrance to the Old Alaska Hwy Rd. Once in the driveway, keep left and follow the trail markers to the parking area.

Ok, we hope to see everyone out for the next exciting event in the Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series.


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