Northern Tales Aurora Twister Results

Another great turnout at Sundays Yukon Brewing Twister Race! The -25 Temperatures and a little wind didn’t seem to bother most of the racers and so twenty-two competitors entered the main race on the Northern Tales Aurora Twister Race Day. Nine skijorers and thirteen mushers raced on the 11 mile course prepared by Yukon Quest winner Hans Gatt who hosted the race with his partner Susan Rogan in the Golden Horn area.

Stefan Wackerhagen won the skijor race with a time of 48:14 followed by Claudia Wickert with a time of 50:02.

David Johnson won the sled category with a time of 42:10. Second finisher in this category was Marie Elie with 43:17. Third finisher was Charles Villeneuve with a time of 44:45.

Seth Carey ran the kids race with a time of 15:22. Amil Dupuis-Rossi and Virginia Sarrazin participated in the recreational class over a course of 3 miles.

This race was also the first time we could use our new race bibs sponsored by Yukon Brewing and some racers seemed to be confused by the fact that we actually had a complete bib set with all numbers and rushed to the start ahead of time.

Thanks to our main sponsors Yukon Brewing and Northern Tales Travel Services and our merchandise sponsors Coast Mountain Sports, Aurora Booties,  Betty Keefer Booties, Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters and Up North Adventures and a big thank you to all volunteers and spectators who made it out there.

Please check the DPSAY website and our facebook page for information on the February race. For any questions on the next race please contact Darryl Sheepway or write an email to DPSAY.

Skijoring 11 Miles

1. Stefan Wackerhagen 48:14
2. Claudia Wickert 50:02
3. Cynthia Corriveau 51:33
4. Barb Anderson 55:46
5. Susan Rogan 56:12
6. Adam Robinson 57:36
7. Gaetan Pierrard 58:10
8. Sam Penner 1:01:07
9. Amil Dupuis-Rossi 1:04:32

Sled 11 Miles

1. David Johnson 42:10
2. Marie Elie 43:17
3. Charles Villeneuve 44:45
4. Petra Bachhuber 47:00
5. Armin Johnson 47:25
6. Tony Radford 48:40
7. Meagan Grabowsky 53:01
7. Marine Gastard 53:01
9. Katherine Atmanspacher 59:38
10. Christel Bartczak 1:02:03
11. Christina Reeves 1:09:12
12. Rhonda Kotelko 1:10:16
13. Nadine Kafka-Kotelko 1:19:58

Kids (3 Miles)

1. Seth Carey 15:22

Recreational (3 Miles)

1. Amil Dupuis-Rossi 17:58
2. Virginia Sarrazin 19:34


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