Alpine Veterinary Clinic Race Day Results

Sled Class

1)    Dave Johnson          36:30

2)    Armin Johnson       42:11

3)    Fabian Schmitz        46:31

4)    Deb Knight                54:44

5)    Jonathan Lucas      54:48

6)    Bali Symenuk           59:48


Skijor Class

1)    Stephan Wackerhagen         46:08

2)    Cynthia Corriveau                47:46

3)    Katherine Scheck                  48:35

4)    Darryl Sheepway                  48:54

5)    Adam Robinson                    54:00

6)    Amelie Janin                          54:23

7)    Claudia Wickert                    1:03:56

Recreation Class

1)    Amelie Janin                16:00

2)    Pierre-Luc Fortin       17:58

3)    Jon Lucas                      19:57

 The weather was a little harsh with wind and blowing snow, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to the first DPSAY Twister Race of the season; “The Copperhaul Twister” at Icy Waters on the Fish Lake Rd.  There were 15 entrants spread out across three events, we had 6 Sled teams, 7 Skijor teams, and 3 entries in the all new Recreational Class.  The trail was in excellent shape and everyone posted excellent times. 

The 11mile Sled Class was won by Dave Johnson from Tagish, YT who completed the trail in 36min and 30sec, and the 11 mile Skijor Class was won by Stefan Wackerhagen who skied the trail in 46min and 08sec.

For this season the organizers of the DPSAY Twister Race Series have implemented some changes to the race structure by separating the Skijorers from the Sled Teams so that they will no longer be competing against one another and also allowing for the number of dogs for the sled teams to be increased.  These changes appeared to be very well received by the participants of this weekend’s Copperhaul Twister.  Especially the Sled teams who all seemed very pleased to be running larger teams.

DPSAY and the organizers of the DPSAY Twister Race Series would like to thank our race day sponsor – Alpine Veterinary Clinic for providing the prize money and Icy Waters Arctic Charr for hosting.  We would also like to thank our prize Sponsors: Icy Waters Arctic Charr, Firstmate Extreme Dog Food and Aurora Booties.  And finally we would like to thank all the Volunteers and Participants for coming out and making it possible for these events to happen.

Please keep checking our Blog for updates on the next DPSAY Twister Event, which is rumored to be possibly happening in as little as 2 weeks time, in Carcross?


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