It’s Twister Time Again

Hello Dog powered sport enthusiasts; here is the posting you have all been waiting for.  It is that time of the year again; it is time for the first race in the Yukon Brewing Twister Race series (formerly the Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister Leauge), and that is the first big announcement in a number of big announcements about changes to the Twisters; we have a new name.

The first race in this series: “The Copperhaul Twister” will be held on Sunday November 27 at 10am at Icy Waters Km 4.2 Fish Lake Rd (a familiar location and trail for an all new and exciting race) and it will be sponsored by Alpine Veterinary Clinic

The Second big announcement is that The Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series will no longer be a league where competitors will collect points at each event to win a league prize at the end of the season.  The race series will now simply be a series of races similar to the DPSAY Hot Hounds Race Series that is intended to be an experiential training race for dogs and drivers to have fun while exposing their teams to a social atmosphere with other dog teams, passing, racing and competition.  

New for this season is the separation of the skijorers and the Sled teams.  The competitors in both events will still go out together and share the same trail but they will be timed separately so that the Sled teams are only competing with other sled teams and the skijorers will only compete with other skijorers.  This has allowed us to increase the number of dogs for the sled teams to a maximum of 8 dogs.  The Dog limits for the Sled and skijoring classes will be as follows:

Sleds 4 – 8 Dogs

Skijor 1 – 4 Dogs

Also new for this season will be the Recreational Class, formerly known as the Pet Dog Class.  The Recreational Class will be intended for anyone who has any breed of dog(s) and is interested in dog powered sports.  The recreational class will be a anything goes event, so as not to limit competitors to just skiing and sleds: competitors can ski, run, bike, sled, kick sled, have dogs pull a toboggan, or whatever just as long as the competitor completes the trail as marked with their dog(s) and has fun.  The dog limit for the Recreational Class will be 1 – 2 Dogs (and any breed of dog is ok)

There will also be a kid’s race that will use the same trail as the Recreational Class and the dog limit will be 1 – 4 Dogs.

Ok we hope to see everyone out on the 27th at 10am at Icy Waters (KM 4.2 Fish Lake Rd) for what we hope will be a new and exciting experience for everyone.  The costs for registration will remain the same as the Hot hounds events; $10/event for DPSAY Members and $15/event for non-DPSAY members.  The day will begin with registration starting at 10 am followed be a brief mushers meeting, then we will move up to the Copperhaul trail for the races.  After the races we will head back down to Icy Waters for a Awards presentation with cash prizes from our Race Day Sponsor: Alpine Veterinary Clinic and Merchandise prizes from our other prize sponsors: Icy Waters Arctic Charr, Aurora Booties, Cadence Cycle, and Firstmate Extreme Dog Food.

Please Stay Tuned to this blog for a trail update later next week. 



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