Cadence Cycle ‘Hot Hounds Dryland Race’ and the Firstmate Extreme ‘Summer Freight Pull’

The First Hot Hounds Dryland Race of the 2011 season will be held on Sunday July 31st at Drag ‘N” Fly Kennels on the Old Alaska Hwy.
We will meet at 5pm at Jim and Lee’s place (Drag ‘N’ Fly Kennels) on the Old Alaska Hwy and beging the evening with the one and only Firstmate Extreme ‘Summer Freight Pull’ where there will be 18 bags of Firstmate Extreme dog food up for the taking.  Then we will begin the Hot hounds series of races with prizes donated by Cadence Cycle, and we will finish the evening with a pot luck style BBQ.
Ok so we hope to see everyone out, and please remember there is a new format for race registration.
$10 for your first event and $5 for subsequent events for DPSAY members only.
$15/race for non-members.
And please remember that everybody DPSAY Membership expired last April so if you wish to join DPSAY this season there will be a representative there from DPSAY to accept membership.
$15 for an individual membership and,
$25 for Kennel membership (up to 4 people)
See you all on Sunday the 31st

2 thoughts on “Cadence Cycle ‘Hot Hounds Dryland Race’ and the Firstmate Extreme ‘Summer Freight Pull’

  1. Sorry guys that I couldn’t take part. I work on Sundays and couldn’t find someone to work my
    shift for that day. Hope you all had fun and may be I’ll b e able to join you for the next race.
    Suggestion , could we do it on a Saturday ??
    Take care

    • The next race is tentatively already on a Sunday – August 14th, but perhaps the race committee will consider a Saturday for the next one. You comment will be passed on to them. Thanks for the note Janet.

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