DPSAY proudly presents…your new board for 2011-12!

A successful AGM for the Dog Powered Sports Association was held this evening at the Whitehorse Public Library with 10 members present and happily gorging on donuts.

Because a new fiscal year started April 1, 2011, the membership number of DPSAY stands at 13 but expect that to rise as upcoming events bring in the recruits.

A few highlights from this evening’s meeting are as follow:

1. The new DPSAY board collective includes:

Amil Dupuis-Rossi as secretary and board member

Kyla Johnson as treasurer and board member

Claudia Wickert as board member

Fabian Schmitz as board member

Karine Grenier  as board member

Jim Hajash as board member

Darryl Sheepway as board member

Maren Bradley as board member

2. The Annual Report for 2010-11 was presented by Darryl Sheepway highlighting DPSAY accomplishments and happenings for the past year.  If you are interested in a copy of this report, please contact DPSAY at dogpoweredsports@gmail.com.

3. The Financial Report for 2010-11 was presented by Kyla Johnson.  Again, contact DPSAY for more information.  In summary, DPSAY is in good financial condition and benefited from healthy donations and grants from our community this past year.

4. New Projects

The members discussed the potential of DPSAY to support projects, outside of dog races, that members want to see happen with our association.  DPSAY is open to supporting a variety of projects, but needs members to come forward to take responsibility in coordinating and carrying out those ideas.  Anyone is welcome to attend board meetings and present ideas, with prior notice to DPSAY of their attendance appreciated.

5. Coordinators and Committees

Darryl Sheepway volunteered as coordinator for the Copper Haul Twister League and members spoke about possible changes to its format.  He will head up a CHT committee so look for dates and times for CHT meetings for those wishing to be involved.

A coordinator for the current Hot Hounds race series was recommended and, with no volunteers, Darryl also offered to look after a July race with other members hopefully stepping forward to host future places and dates of these popular summer events.

6. Membership Structure Changes

A DPSAY membership will now consist of either an individual membership for $15 or a kennel (instead of household) membership for $25.  On a kennel membership there may be up to four individuals listed and at DPSAY dog races they are running dogs from the same kennel.

And new this year: non-members will be able to participate in DPSAY events but will pay a higher entry fee to events than members.  For the Copper Haul Twister League, this will be $15 per race with no discount on running a second race in the same day.  Members race for $10 per race and $5 for every subsequent race.

7. Next Meeting

The DPSAY board will meet again on August 17th at 6:30pm.  Location to be announced.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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