A Solstice AGM!


As the snow melts and activities turn to bike-joring and canicross, we are pleased to announce the DPSAY Solistice Annual General Meeting!
It will be held at 7pm on June 20th, so mark in your calendars.  The location will be announced closer to the date – perhaps a venue with a barbeque available…?
This is your chance as a DPSAY member to take part in guiding the organization towards the future.  We will be discussing membership, future events and committees, finances (oh, so fun!) and other topics of importance to our organization.  Near the end we will accept and vote on nominations for board members and take names for volunteers for various committees.  Please email dogpoweredsports@gmail.com before June 20th if you have any items you would like to be added to the agenda.
Memberships for 2010-2011 have now expired so new ones for April 2011 – March 2012 will be available at the meeting.
At our latest board meeting, membership rules were discussed.  It is now decided that non-members will be allowed to participate in DPSAY events, at a slightly higher entry fee per event.  Also, ‘family’ memberships will now be called ‘kennel’ memberships and up to 4 people may be named as part of that membership, with dogs coming from the same kennel.
Finally, DPSAY is looking for volunteers to organize Hot Hounds Dryland races (one per month) for the summer season. The work is minimal and the rewards, numerous!  The first event would ideally be at the end of May.  If this interests you, please drop Darryl Sheepway a line (griz311@yahoo.com) and he can answer any questions coach you through it.
See you all soon!!
DPSAY board

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