Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister – Uncommon Journeys Ibex Valley Finale official results

The weather has been warm all week but the trail conditions held up and the Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League was able to hold their final race of the season, the Ibex Valley Finale.  Twenty-three teams showed up to compete in Sundays race providing the largest field of competitors at a Twister event all season.  This was the second time that the Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League held a race at a new location.  Sundays race was held on an all new 11.5 mile trail that travelled into the stunning Ibex Valley with the start/finish line at the gates of Uncommon Journeys on the Scout Lake Rd. 


16 teams came out to compete in the main event (the 4-6 dog sled and 2-4 skijor) on the 11.5 mile trail, and 3 kids teams and 2 pet dog teams came out to compete on the 3.5 mile trail.  Sundays race also saw 2 daring mushers come out to compete in the first ever Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League open class race where there was no limit on the number of dogs they could run.


After all the races were completed everyone moved to Drag ‘N’ fly Kennels on the Old Alaska Hwy where volunteer race marshal Stefan Wackerhagen handed out the awards for the Uncommon Journeys – Ibex Valley Finale race day.  After the race day prizes were handed out volunteer Jon Lucas passed out the awards for the Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League.


Official Results – Uncommon Journeys – Ibex Valley Finale


Main Race (4-6 dog Sled/2-4 dog skijor)      

Name:                                                                Time (hrs:min:sec)

Alexandra Rochat (6-dog sled)                                   52:46

Jonathan Zangg (2-dog skijor)                                    54:19

Darryl Sheepway (5-dog sled)                                    56:21

Fabian Schmidt (6-dog sled)                                      56:44

Jon Lucas  (6-dog sled)                                             57:18

Claudia Wickert (6-dog sled)                                     58:20

Christel Bartczak (6-dog sled)                                    59:03

Matthias Beck (6-dog sled)                                        1:00:06

Genesee Keevil (6-dog sled)                                      1:00:14

Kate Weekes (6-dog sled)                                         1:02:18

Gerry Willomitzer (6-dog sled)                                  1:02:30

Moria Sauer (4-dog sled)                                          1:05:14

Debbie Last (6-dog sled)                                          1:05:25

Amil Dupuis-Rossi (6-dog sled)                                1:06:08

Marcus Lepin (6-dog sled)                                        1:06:50

Janet Keller (6-dog sled)                                            1:34:26


KIDS (3.5mile Trail)

Seth Carey (3-dog sled)                                             16:31

Thea Carey (2-dog sled)                                            18:03

Samuel Mason (3-dog sled)                                       18:31


Pets: (3.5mile Trail)

Pippa Lawson and Tiramasu                                      25:52

Jon Lucas and Asha                                                  35:41


Open Class: (11.5mile Trail)

Tony Radford (9-dog sled)                                        43:43

David Mason (16-dog sled)                                        51:06


Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League Final Standings:


Sled/skijor class

1st place:    Stefan Wackerhagen 22points (with slightly faster run times this season than Darryl)

2nd Place:    Darryl Sheepway 22 points (with slightly slower run times this season than Stefan)

3rd Place:     Jon Lucas 14 points 

4th Place:     Fabian Schmidt 12 points

5th Place:     Claudia Wickert 8 points



1st Place:    Seth Carey 30 points



1st Place:    Asha and Jon Lucas


DPSAY and the organisers of the Uncommon Journeys – Ibex Valley Finale would Like to thank the sponsors for this race. First our purse sponsor Uncommon Journeys for the prize money, and our prize sponsors; First Mate dog food, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing, Bombproof Outdoor Gear, and Muktuk Adventures.


DPSAY and all the organisers of the Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League would like to Thank Yukon Brewing for their generous donations this season and past seasons, and finally we would like to thank all the volunteers and competitors that have come out over the 2010/2011 season, we look forward to seeing everyone this summer at the Hot Hounds events.


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