Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister – Muktuk Adventures Race Day Official Results

The weather was perfect for the fifth Copperhaul Twister of the season, the sun was shining, the wind was calm and the temperature was a very comfortable -18C.  For the first time ever a Twister event was held at a new location, Mike and Jessica Simon hosted this Sundays race and provided the trail.  The trail turned out to be a challenge for both dog and musher/skier, it was a nice twisty trail that weaved through the trees with many hills, corners and craziness.  The trail had many intersections that proved to be a challenge for even the best command leaders and there was more passing than ever before as the trail looped back over itself multiple times.

After the mushers meeting and trail report all the mushers/skiers were staring at each other with looks of trepidation as they prepared to head out into what looked like a trail that could turn into chaos.  Mike Simon ensured the mushers/skiers that the trail was well marked and there were plenty of volunteers out on the trail to help, and he was right.  10 of 11 teams completed the trail as marked and everyone came in with a smile on their face.  Musher Ali  Pakula left the start chute and missed the first turn and ended up coming back in, where she decided to turn her team around and head back out on the trail and was able to complete it as marked, and Skijorer Katherine Scheck missed a turn out there and ended up not doing the same trail as everyone else so her finish time did not count. 

11 teams (5 sleds and 6 Skijor) showed up to compete on the 10mile loop and there was 1 entrant in the kids race and 1 entrant in the pet dog class for this months CHT.

Official Results:

Name:                                                    Time (hrs.min.sec)   
Stefan Wackerhagen (4-dogs ski)                49.14

Darryl Sheepway (4-dogs ski)                           54.26

Fabian Schmitz (6-dogs sled)                               57.27

Claudia Wickert (3-dog ski)                                 1.03.39

Jon Lucas (6-dog sled)                                         1.03.54

Johnathan Zuagg (2-dog ski)                              1.12.18

Ali Pakula (6-dog sled)                                         1.13.05

Christine Champeval                                             1.19.37

Ed Vos (2-dog ski)                                                1.23.58

Mara Pfafer (6-dog sled)                                      1.41.20

Katherine Scheck (2-dog ski)                             DNF


Jon Jucas and Asha                                        30.10


Seth Carey  (2-dog Sled)                                12.25


The organisers of this months Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister would like to thank our race day sponsor:


Muktuk Adventures


and our prize sponsors:

Firstmate Dog food

Aurora booties

Yukon Brewing

Muktuck Adventures

Yukon Grain Farm


And of course we would like to thank all the volunteers, spectators and competitors that come out and support these events. 


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