The 2011 River Runner 100 Banquet

The Wrap Up…

On Sunday evening all finishing mushers, volunteers and handlers sat down to a delicious meal at Mt. MacIntyre Centre.  A slide show of photos from throughout the race rolled on the screen, courtesy of Gary Bremner Photography ( Some of these photos will be posted soon on this blog and you can check out the rest on their website and order the slideshow or individual photos.

With race director, Kyla Johnson, as Master of Ceremonies, thank-yous were delivered.  The big thanks went of course to all the volunteers that helped make the race possible – especially those on the race committee.  Other notable volunteers were Mike Simon for his help sweeping the trail, William Kleedehn as race marshal, Tony Radford as race judge, and Jessica Heath and Candace Marche as race veterinarians.  Mendenhall checkpoint was awarded the ‘best checkpoint award’.  (Yes, we know they were the only checkpoint but they did a fabulous job and deserve recognition).

William Kleedehn joined the stage to hand out the participant awards and, with a short speech, noted that he was pleased with how the race went.  Although he also pointed out that he would rather be running a team than officiating.  Maybe he can lease a team for next year…

Presentation of awards commenced with the skijor category.  Stefan Wackerhagen accepted his first place cheque, take home trophy (artwork by Nathalie Parenteau), a certificate of completion and the large River Runner trophy that will have his name engraved onto it for eternity.  With his hands full he thanked the race.

The dogsled awards starting at 11th place were handed out – certificates of completion as well as silver and bronze medals for 2nd and 3rd place respectively and cheques for the top five.  Notable comments from mushers commended the trail, thanked their dogs and thanked the race organizers and all who helped make it happen.  Normand Casavant (2nd place, dogsled) and Crispin Studer (1st place, dogsled), in the spririt of a friendly race, also commended each other for the positive competition that they had together.  Crispin then received his first place cheque, artwork, certificate and large trophy.

Two awards then remained – the Best Dressed Musher and the Vet’s Choice Award.  Surprisingly, Debbie Knight captured both of these!  She was considered the ‘best dressed’ for her dirty parka and was given a gift basket of products from Yukon Salon Centre. Debbie then returned to the stage as race vet, Jess Heath, told the crowd that Debbie’s conscientious attitude towards her dog team earned her the vet’s choice engraved mug and gift certificate from All Paws Veterinary Clinic.

Throughout the evening, draw prizes were handed out with highlights being some very techy long underwear, courtesy of Icycle Sports, and a Bergan’s parka, courtesy of Kanoe People.

Thanks to all involved and congratulations to all participants!!

P.S. For those interested in the exact purse payouts (and to inspire musher’s already thinking of next year’s race) here’s the break down:

Total purse: $3900


1st $415.00

(second and third place $ donated to Mendenhall checkpoint)


1st $1001.88

2nd $715.63

3rd $500.94

4th $357.81

5th $286.25


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