And the Winner(s) are…

…Crispin Studer (dogsled) and Stefan Wackerhagen (skijor)!!!

At the blustery finish line the first team to cross was Crispin Studer at 10:51 this morning, with a total run time of 11hours, 9 minutes.  Normand Casavant was close behind and Karine Grenier was third place in the dogsledding class.  A total of 11 dogsled teams completed the 2011 River Runner 100.

Stefan Wackerhagen had an impressive run time in the skijor class of 15:32 and was the only skijorer to finish the race.  Cynthia Corriveau scratched in Mendenhall due to an injured dog and Gaetan Pierrard scratched midway through the second leg because of a broken ski boot.

All of the team ranks, name, times in to Whitehorse and run times overall are as follows:


1. Stefan Wackerhagen, 14:36, 15:32


1. Crispin Studer, 10:51, 11:09

2. Normand Casavant, 11:15, 11:33

3. Karine Grenier, 12:07, 12:25

4. Pierre Duc, 12:28, 12:46

5. Brian Wilmshurst, 13:35:10, 13:53

6. Claudia Wickert, 13:35:15, 13:53

7. Marine Gastard, 14:22, 14:40

8. Alexandra Rochat, 14:40, 14:58

9. Debbie Knight, 14:49, 15:07

10. Ryan Kinna, 15:44, 16:02

11. David Mason, 16:28, 16:46

Banquet is at 6:30 tonight at the Mt. Mac Centre with many awards and draw prizes to be handed out.  We will let you know how that all goes down later on…


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