Musher’s Meeting and Bib Draw

Friday evening saw all 2011 River Runner 100 participants gathered for the musher’s meeting in Whitehorse.  All questions about the trail and the race were answered and then bib numbers were drawn.  Tomorrow, the four skijorers are heading out first, with bib numbers 1 to 4.  The dogsledders have numbers 5 through 22.  The bib numbers (and start order) are as follows:

Skijor Teams

1. Cynthia Corriveau

2. Stefan Wackerhagen

3. Gaetan Pierrard

4. Darryl Sheepway

Dogsled Teams

5. Claudia Wickert

6. Alexandra Rochat

7. Marine Gastard

8. Brian Wilmshurst

9. MC Leroux

10. Ryan Kinna

11. Michelle Phillips

12. Ed Hopkins

13. Steve Gibbons

14. Normand Casavant

15. David Mason

16. Crispin Studer

17. Colin Morrison

18. Pierre Duc

19. Hugh Neff

20. Debbie Knight

21. Jonathan Lucas

22. Karine Grenier

Remember to come watch the start, Saturday, 5pm in Shipyards Park!!


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