Wow! 21 Entrants and the trail looks great!

We now have 17 dogsled teams and 4 skijorers signed up – this race is getting very exciting with a good mix of experience out on the trail!

Important update – the musher’s meeting will be held on Friday, February 25th at 6pm at Elijah Smith Elementary School on Hamilton Boulevard.

Our trail coordinator, Darryl Sheepway, was out with our race marshal, William Kleedehn, yesterday to groom and check out the entire trail.  Here is Darryl’s report:
RR100 Trail Report, Feb 17th
William and I went out on the trail today, It is in excellent shape.  The trail on the Yukon has some rough places and is a little hard to distinguish from all the other tracks out there but for the most part it is good as there was not any overflow.  Any hard to find parts of the trail will be marked really well and after the marking and final groom it should be really straight forward.  The trail on the Takhini is in excellent shape and so is the Dawson trail and the trail that connects us to Blue Kennels.  The section of the trail that follows the Hwy is for the most part in good shape however there is a group of horses hanging out near Blue Kennels and they have made the trail a little rough in a couple of places and there was some light drifting that we had to break out.  The final section of trail from the Hwy to Mendenhall along the powerline is also in great shape.  So everyone keep their fingers crossed that we do not get another warm spell to create new overflow or another major snow fall and the trail should be in excellent shape for the race.  In my opinion the trail is already in better shape then it was for the RR100 last season.
William and I will go back out on the 25th to drag the trail one more time and set all the trail markers,so we should have a good and up to date trail report for the mushers meeting.
Darryl Sheepway


Remember to let us know if you are interested in volunteering!


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