Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League – Icy Waters Special Valentines Race Day Results

It was an excellent day on the Copperhaul Trail for the 4th Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister of this season, the temperature was sitting at a nice comfortable -20C and the sun was trying to poke through the overcast skies here and there.  Sunday’s Race day was sponsored by Icy Waters Ltd. and saw a total of 17 entries for the event.  The 10.5 mile race saw 13 entries hit the trail to compete for the Special Valentines Twister trophy and there was also a special prize of 10 blocks of frozen fish provided by our race day sponsor Icy Waters Ltd. for the best dressed team and driver.
Two Whitehorse area sprint kennels showed up and entered a total of 5 teams and they dominated the top five finish spots.  Drag ‘N’ Fly kennels entered 3 teams and took the 1st, 3rd and 5th finish places, and Deadbroke Kennels entered two teams and took the 2nd and 4th finish places.  1st place finisher Tony Radford who completed the course in 34min 15sec was the winner of the Special Valentines Twister trophy, This is the second year in a row that the coveteted Valentines trophy has been won by Tony.  Stefan Wackerhagen was again the fastest skijorer for the 3rd Twister in a row completing the course in 43min 43sec.
The kids race saw one entry, a young musher named Genna who completed the kids/pet loop in a very respectable 12min 48sec.  Genna was also the musher who was awarded the special Valentine prize for the best dressed team and driver in Sundays event.
The pet dog event had 3 entries and was won by Cheryl Kawaja who completed the kids/pet loop in 17min 31sec.
DPSAY and the organisers of Sundays Yukon Brewing Copperhaul Twister League’s – Special Valentines Twister – would again like to thank our sponsors, first our race day purse sponsor ICY WATERS Ltd. and our prize sponsors Yukon Brewing, Firstmate Dog food, Aurora Booties, Yukon Grain Farm, Yukon Honda, and Muktuk Adventures.
Thanks again everyone for coming out and please keep checking the Blogs for updates on the next Twister, Nothing is set in stone yet but for the first time ever we maybe moving the Twister to a new location for a all new exciting trail.  More updates to follow.
Complete Race Results
10.5 mile Race
(All 6 dogs sleds unless otherwise stated)
Tony Radford             34min 15sec
Dave Johnson             35min 58sec
Christel Bartczak       38min 30sec
Jon Lucas                     39min 40sec
Ali Pakula                     43min 00sec
Stefan Wackerhagen   43min 43sec (3 dog – Skis)
Pierre Duc                  46min 57sec
Amil Dupuis-Rossi      47min 58sec (5 dogs – sled)
Bryan Alp                   54min 44sec
Christina Reeve           56min 03sec
Kyla Johnson              57min 20sec (2 dog – Skis)
Gerry Willomitzer        58min 20sec
Matthias Beck             58min 58sec
Kids Race
Genna                         12min 48sec
Pet dogs
Cheryl Kawaja            17min 31sec
Kyla Johnson               25min 10sec
Robert Sifke                33min 25sec

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