Update from DPSAY

Here’s an email that was sent out to our email members list today:

Hello DPSAY members,

This email addresses 3 items, please see below.
1.  Race Committee Meeting
There will be a meeting this Sunday, January 9th at 7pm at the Canada Games Centre boardroom (main floor).  There has been great response so far so we are looking forward to putting our heads together.
We will be determining who will hold the posts for the race committee (race director, trail coordinator, start/finish line coordinator, banquet coordinator, race rules coordinator, checkpoint coordinator) and how others want to be involved.  We will also decide the general route, time and date of the race.  Please respond to this email if you have input or an offer of help but are unable to make it to the meeting.
2.  Potential Fundraiser
There has been a proposal to DPSAY from Sue Stevenson on behalf of Hockey Day in Canada.  This is a full day event taking place on Saturday, February 12th.  They are looking for someone to run short dog sled tours during the day.  They suggested that it could be a fundraiser for DPSAY, charging $5-10 per person and getting mushers to voluntarily bring there dogs for a couple of hours each throughout the day.  DPSAY’s insurance would cover the event. If organizing this event sounds like something that interests you, please reply to this email.  Sue needs to have a definitive answer by January 13th for it to go ahead.
3.  Volunteers for Yukon Quest vet check
The Quest’s vet check coordinator, Kyla Johnson, is still looking for anyone who may be interested in volunteering at the Yukon Quest 1000 and 300 vet checks.  The times are Tuesday, Feb 1 (7am to 6pm); Wednesday, Feb 2 (7am to 4pm) and Friday, Feb 4th (9am to 2pm) and people are welcome to help even for just a few hours.  Please contact her at johnson.kyla@gmail.com

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