Cadence Cycle Dryland Race #2 – Sunday July 11

C’mon out to Drag N’ Fly Kennel on the Old Alaska Highway (km 2) on Sunday July 11th for the next race. Registration starts at 6:00pm and we ask that people are on time so we can move things along quickly!

6:30pm – FIRST MATE Summer Freight Pull, Heavy >100lb; Medium 60-99lb; Light up to 60lb, class, First Mate Extreme 40lb bags of dog food, 3 for 1st place, 2 for second, 1 for third.

1 mile 1 pet dog – wheels
1 mile 1 sled dog – wheels
2 mile 2 sled dogs – wheels
Canicross – 1 mile, as many dogs as you feel comfortable with (dog(s) must be attached at all times)

Everybody welcome – racers, spectators, volunteers! and this is where the cool dogs go!

Great cycling orientated prizes from CADENCE CYCLE of Wood Street (633 5600), with supporting prizes from Muktuk Kennel, Aurora Booties, and Icy Waters Ltd – search them out and buy their stuff!

Poster kindly printed by Inkspirations Graphix


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