Incoming President’s Report

From the Office of the President:

 The 2010-11 Dryland and Snow seasons are looking good for anyone interested in some fun racing, and in hopefully a couple of events, there won’t even be any competition – but more on that later.

 We have 5 Dryland event locations confirmed – Icy Waters Ltd (with a mini drag/mass start race variation), Drag n Fly kennel (where a scooter can defeat mountain bikes, and the trail can break your bones), Chaos Kennel near Mendenhall (with the giant ants, that make giant ant hills), Gatt Kennel (scene of the world-famous mass start last season), and Jessica and Mike Simon’s (back to October when that horrible deep soft sand should be frozen.

 First Mate are providing their Extreme Dog Food for the summer freight pull at Drag n Fly kennel, before the racing begins.

 Yukon Brewing are back as Copper Haul Twister League Sponsor, the six race day events beginning in November. There might be a bit of change in trail this year, it is expected to have three race events hosted at Icy Waters Ltd on the twisty 8 mile and three on a new trail at Sky High Wilderness Ranch – watch the blogs for details.

 Air North are back with Yukon Brewing, and whatever we can raise from the Hot Hounds for the great illegal gambling race in mid December (or legally licenced poker run).   Of course, this isn’t actually a race, as coming first or last is unimportant (well, for the purse), it’s simply completing it in 4 hours and having the best poker cards. At the same time we are planning the 4th annual First Mate Winter Freight Pull.

 July is coming and we are about to start organising for the Road Runner 100/200 Sled and skijor race – wherever it is going and whatever length it will be – hence the start in July. All are welcome to volunteer for the organising committee.

 With all this activity, we need to raise funds, not only to put on the events, but also to raise the $2500 for basic insurance. So far we have our May litter pick up, and Skookum Brand Northen Garments have kindly donated 2 of their fabulous jackets/anoraks for us to raffle off!  The raffle will also include prizes from Yukan Canoe and Sky High Wilderness Ranch. We have also applied to Lotteries Yukon for event funding and capital item purchase. 

There’s lots to do to make this year a success, and we need your help – so don’t hang back, every event is 100% dependant on volunteers, from the original planning to the day of the event, you can usually compete and help out somehow, so be part of it!

 So I hope to see you on the organising committees, and at the races!

Jonathan Lucas


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