VP 2009/10 Report

DPSAY Vice-President’s Report, 2009-2010

The Summer Hot Hounds had its best season yet, and became so popular the entry fee for entering a second or subsequent race on the same day was reduced to $5. The moving venue was popular, the races being held at Wendy Morrison’s (Carcross Road); Lee Kirkpatrick and Jim Hajash’s (Old Alaska Highway); Stacie Zaychuk’s (Mendenhall); Susie Rogan and Hans Gatt’s (Golden Horn); and Jessica and Mike Simon’s (Mayo Rd), and sponsored by The Deli, Yukon Meat & Sausage; Cadence Cycling; Chocolate Claim; Yukon Brewing; and Eagle Pack Dog Food, with First Mate Dog Food sponsoring the summer freightpull.

A big thanks to the hosts, and the sponsors – as a result of you all coming out to race and have fun, the Hot Hounds series raised over $500 which was ploughed straight back into the Air North,Yukon Brewing, Hot Hounds Poker Run in December.

The Winter Race Season was a great success, following in the path of the previous 3 seasons:

Yukon Brewing again sponsored the CHT League, which began on a hard and fast new trail in November, truly a Twisting Trail, the new 8 mile course was welcomed and enjoyed by all who raced it.

Alpine Vet, Oscar’s Electric, Optimum Pet Products, Icy Waters Ltd, Duffy’s Pet and Tanzilla Harness Supply, and the Chocolate Claim sponsored the Race Days – another big thank you to them, Yukon Brewing, and hosts Icy Waters Ltd.

December saw the 3rd running of the 22mile Air North,Yukon Brewing, Hot Hounds Poker Run (absolutely legal this year! Gambling Licence and all), with 24 entrants vying for the best 3 hands, for a share of the best purse yet of $800 cash and $400 Air North certificates – Many thanks to Air North, Yukon Brewing, and you, for turning out all summer and racing the Hot Hounds.
The same day the First Mate Freight Pull also took place at Icy Waters Ltd, where large amounts of dog food were won by the dogs pulling very heavy loads.

And then, the big step forward in February with the inaugural Road Runner 100 Whitehorse to Haines Junction Sle and Skijor race – almost a step too far, this stretched the Board to stressing point, but with the help of so many volunteers and the support of the sponsors, this was a great success with 18 sled teams and 3 skijor teams on the start line. Every team except one sled team finished. A massive well done to the Board and a great thank you to the volunteers who made this possible, and thanks to all the sponsors.

Five Summer Race meets, 6 YBCHT League meets, one non-competitive Poker Run, 2 Freight pulls, one 100 mile Race – not bad, not bad at all, considering this organisation was formed when Whitehorse was facingjust one race event a year.

Thanks for supporting us, thanks for volunteering, and thanks for racing! See you all in 2010-2011.


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