Here are the official RR100 race results and total run times.

1) Gaetan Pierrard: 9:11
2) Jonathan Lucas: 9:45
3) Darryl Sheepway: 10:32

1) Crispin Studer: 7:39
2) Hugh Neff: 7:52
3) Pierre Duc:8:22
4) Paul Geoffrion: 8:29
5) Kyla Johnson: 8:45
6) Karine Grenier: 8:47
7) Didier Moggia: 8:50
8 ) Deb Knight: 9:02
9) Ed Hopkins: 9:05
10) Claudia Wickert: 9:12
11) Martine Levalier: 9:18
12) Darrell Otto: 9:29
13) MC Leroux: 9:42
14) Ryan Kinna: 10:09
15) Steve Gibbons: 10:17
16) Brian Wilmshurst: 10:50
17) Laura Jane Lucas: 10:52
Scratch: Cristy Willett


4 thoughts on “Results

  1. Are there any pictures from the race ? If so, where can they be found. It would be nice to see them posted here.

    • Loads of pictures, just no time to get them up yet! Stay tuned, when we have some free time we’ll post some. And anyone who has photos, please send my way!

  2. Hey congrats from Sweden and Norway, can we get the run times for the skijors. been touting up this race over here but run times would give many much better perspective.
    off to Scandanavian Open Championships this weeekend with hundreds of competitiors

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