Viewing opportunities

If you’re interested in seeing the teams head down the trail, here’s a few spots where you can do just that!

The race starts in Shipyards Park Sat morning at 11:00. Skijorers will go out first, at 2-minute intervals. Sleds will follow immediately, again with 2-minute intervals. Teams will follow the Yukon River, then turn up the Takhini River where you can see them from the bridge on the Mayo Rd – this should take about 1hr 20mins. From there, they head up the Dawson-Overland trail where there are viewing opportunities from the Takhini River Road, about 2.5hrs into the race.

They then head towards Flat Creek and 37-mile trail. Shortly after, they pop out near the highway, about 5km past the Takhini subdivision on the Alaska Highway. Teams follow along the highway, cross Stony Creek, and then into the bush to do the final 7km into Mendenhall via the cutline. We expect the earliest teams in around 4pm.

There is then a 5-hr mandatory layover in Mendenhall. The Mendenhall Community Association has been a huge help in this race! They are providing food for sale, profits going to the building of a new playground for the community – a great cause! So c’mon out, see some teams and buy some food! 🙂

Teams leave Mendenhall and pop out on the Old Alaska Highway just before the Mendenhall river. They cross the river, take a right around the big, steep hill and shortly after appear near the highway again. From then on teams are visible for the most part until the end, at the gravel pit just before Marshall Creek. We expect the earliest teams into the finish about 12:30 am Sunday morning. Later teams to arrive by 6am or so.

The finish banquet is at 3pm on Sunday at the Haines Junction Convention Centre. It is a potluck with TONS of food, so c’mon out.

If you do stop on the highway to see teams, we ask that you stay in your vehicles or park in a spot that is the farthest from the trail. We want to ensure teams don’t see people and attempt to go visit near the highway! Also, be sure to pull over on the shoulder as far as you can on the road – they’re recently plowed so it’s not a problem!


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