T-1 hour, 50 minutes till race time!!

Racers should be arriving to the start chute in the next hour, head down to say hi and see the teams! Wish them well as they head out on the trail on this beautiful, sunny day. A high of 0C is predicted for today, we’d be happier if it was cooler and a bit overcast, but there’s not much you can do. A cool -16 last night ensures any overflow on the trail is nice and hard.

I’m off to set up the checkpoint and take care of last minute trail details! Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping MAKE this race happen, you guys are amazing and such an eager group. We literally could not do it without all that help. Or the sponsors! Check them out and tell them they’re awesome. And to the board members – yikes, what a ride it’s been! Since last JULY!!! But we’re here! It’s happening, let the races begin! 🙂

And good luck to all the competitors! See you on the trail. 🙂


One thought on “T-1 hour, 50 minutes till race time!!

  1. 3pm. Just back from Takhini River Road.

    Ist Skijor team came by at 1:05 then a small gap of 10 minutes and the other two skijorers (one was Jonathon) mixed in with a few sleds.

    After this many other sleds came by. We had a nice lunch on the bank and watched teams – not sure if the bibs = the start order since it was hard to figure out who was who…

    Anyway – beautiful day out on the takhini river.


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