3 Days till race day AND 20 Racers!

There is gonna be a bit of competition for that $5000+ purse! Michelle Phillips unfortunately had to withdraw due to that OTHER race she’s running in early March (Good Luck in Iditarod Michelle!) – timing was a bit too close for her.  However, her kennel is well represented with two other teams, Ed and MC.  In addition, we have allowed a couple of late entrants, so that brings our total up to 20! Bios will be posted as soon as I get them.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t looked lately, check out the pages of the racers to find out more about them. Most have recently sent us lovely photos of themselves as well! Thanks guys!

Stay tuned as I will try to have detailed trail info here late on Thurs and Friday. If you haven’t heard, the finish is actually now at a lovely, scenic gravel pit just before Marshall Creek. Ah, it’ll be dark so just pretend those are mountains surrounding you instead of massive piles of rocks!  The race still clocks in around 100 miles.  The leg from Whitehorse to Mendenhall is longer, around 64 miles.  We’ve heard from the Questers that the Tahkini River trail is “like a highway” and most of the trail out past Mendenhall is pretty hard packed.

And be sure to check out our sponsors on the side bar, new ones are filtering in every day!

Happy Training! 🙂


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