14 Teams!

We’re up to 14 teams now, check out the musher and skijorer bios. We’ve got quite varied group of racers, it’s going to be an exciting race! Stay tuned here once the race starts, I plan to whip home (wireless out in the boonies, what’s that?!?!) and update the site from the Mendenhall checkpoint as the teams come in!

And… it would be a travesty if we didn’t mention all the sponsors who are contributing to make this race happen!  There are a LOT of generous sponsors in addition to the main sponsors on the sidebar, so we’ll be featuring them here as we post.  These companies are awesome and quite willing to help us out to get this race off the ground! So go pay them a visit sometime soon! 🙂

G-P Distributing Inc. is contributing to our Finish banquet – thanks a ton!!!! Our hungry and thirsty volunteers and racers will enjoy your contributions!

Who doesn’t love them some Bean North?? If you haven’t tried the Sexy Mexy dark blend, you haven’t really lived yet.  Their caffeine contribution will be HUGELY  appreciated as we all try to go without sleep for a few days! 🙂


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