Sign Up Now, or we won’t have a race!

The cut off for the RR100 is February 20, 2010. That is TEN days away.  If we don’t have a minimum # of entrants (still to be decided on what that # is), we will NOT have a race!  All of you mushers and skijorers “thinking” of running the race should sign up sooner rather than later. It would be an absolute shame to see this race cancelled because of a lack of interested participants! 

We have lots of willing volunteers (thank you everyone) and we are pleasantly surprised by the generosity of  the local sponsors who are jumping on board enthusiastically!  The DPSAY board has put in a TON of their personal time AND money to make this race a reality. All we need now is competitors…

C’mon people, this is the first mid-distance race in the Yukon (other than The Percy) in a long time! We need to keep dog mushing alive in the Territory.  The goal has always been for this race to become a Yukon Quest qualifier so unless you  want to continue to travel to Alaska (or elsewhere) to run in races instead of supporting your own community, this race needs YOUR support.  Now!


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