Registration is NOW OPEN!

Greetings everyone!  DPSAY is super excited to announce  that after a lot of hard work and big push (over Christmas nonetheless, yay board members!), we have finalized the race rules and entry form and many other things.  Click on “Race Rules & More” tab above.

A bit of info about the race:

Dog Powered Sports Association of Yukon (DPSAY)

In partnership with

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous

Brings you the first annual

Road Runner 100 Sled Dog Race!

An all-new sled dog race for the Yukon, the Road Runner 100 will start at Shipyards Park on 11am, February 27th 2010 and be part of Whitehorse’s own Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. The race travels from Whitehorse all the way to Haines Junction, a distance of 100 miles. The route will follow the Yukon River, then onto the Takhini River as far as Circle D Ranch, from where it will parallel the highway all the way to Pine Lake Campground, providing excellent viewing opportunities for fans and spectators!

The race will have two classes, one for dog sleds and one for skijorers. Both classes follow the same trail at the same time. Folks, this has never been done before!

Meep Meep!


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