The RoadRunner 100

Just a quick update on the mid-distance race so far, sorry for the delay in posting – we will be updating this site regularly from now on to keep you all in the loop! But we’re all volunteers here, so cut us a bit of slack… 🙂

The 100-mile race is now officially called “The Road Runner 100” – and as you can tell from the title, we will only be doing the 100-mile race this season. It will run from Whitehorse to Haines Junction.  Date will be determined this week after the DPSAY board meeting, at which time it will then be announced and SET IN STONE!

We will soon actively be looking for volunteers, as the Race Committee starts rolling along.  Soon enough (we hope!) we will be needing volunteers for trail grooming. This is essential as we would like to have a great base all winter for the trail, encourage local mushers/skijorers/snowmobilers to use it to keep it packed.  DPSAY has some money to contribute to your gas, so let us know if you can help out. In any way! Let’s make this race happen, and with all the support we’ve had so far, it WILL happen. So thanks to those who have submitted their names, we will be contacting you shortly!

In the meantime if you have any comments, suggestions, questions, please leave them in the comment section or email us at dogpoweredsports AT gmail DOT com.

Until next time… think happy snow thoughts!  🙂


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