Trail RECON Day – Race of TWO Cities!

Trail recon for the 100/200 Mile “Race of Two Cities” was a smashing success! We knocked off half the race route and the “trail” looks pretty good!

In fact, it’s going to be even better in winter when we have loads of snow and frozen creeks and rivers.   The sleds may run into a bit of overflow here, but they won’t run into soft, mossy, squishy ground and a running creek like today.  Thusly getting stuck. Really stuck:

Oops! Stuck in a creek!
Oops! Stuck in a creek! This was in the first 15 minutes of trail recon!

Thanks to everyone who came out:

The trail crew
The trail crew (L-R): Earl, Gene, Hugh, Eric, Eilidh, Normand, Carine, Laura, Jon, Darrell, Stacie (behind camera) (Missing: Ed Hopkins, who was wielding a chainsaw - Tagish-style!


Darrell forges ahead
Darrell forges ahead



Next Trail RECON Date: This Wednesday – we will attempt to check out the Mendenhall to Haines Junction part of the trail. Meet at Stacie’s place at 5:30 p.m. (opposite Mendenhall).

Well earned dinner!!
The crew enjoys a well earned dinner!!

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